Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct Retains Gravely & Pearson, L.L.P. as Special Counsel

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Gravely & Pearson L.L.P. was recently appointed to serve as Special Counsel to the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct. As Special Counsel, Gravely & Pearson prosecuted the appeal of a public sanction issued by the Commission against Galveston County District Judge Michelle Slaughter, who was disciplined for her alleged unethical use of social media and information technology. Seana Willing, Executive Director of the Commission since 2003, stated “We are pleased to have retained the firm of Gravely & Pearson L.L.P. as Special Counsel. Their reputation for trying cases is exceptional, and their appellate success is outstanding.” On July 20 -21, 2015, William J. Chriss and Marc Gravely tried the case in the courtroom of the Texas Supreme Court, which is normally reserved for oral argument in appeals before the Court. In this instance, the trial de novo was presented to a three judge panel of appellate justices appointed by the Texas Supreme Court. That panel will issue its judgment and opinion within sixty days.